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Maggie Jarrett

My partner and I were asked to propose a design solution to community-related issues in the Raleigh area. Our community of choice dealt with the locally-owned, small businesses in the city that have been struggling even more since the beginning of the pandemic. Restuarants and bakeries were forced to close their doors to the public in early 2020, and many never recovered from the severe blow to their profits. After many user interviews and lots of research, we determined our plan of action. Our proposal, Neighborly, is an app service that helps customers in the Raleigh area become more engaged in the local community and more motivated to try shopping at small businesses. 

The branding aimed to friendly, bright, and welcoming. There are multiple sections of the app the user can navigate through for different functions, as shown in the wireframes above.

Profile helped you save your favorite stores and track your points.
Discover allows you to browse the local shops with an array of filters for easier browsing.
Maps helps you locate and route yourself to a business your’e interested in.
Grocery saves your favorite grocery shopping routes that include local produce and bakery stops.
Upload gives simple steps to verify your rewards for your next local purchase.